Journal of Diplomatic and Social Studies

published since 2018. The aim of the scientific reviewed magazine Journal of Diplomatic and Social Studies (JDSS) is to publish original texts of domestic and foreign authors devoted to different social scientific areas with the emphasis on areas of international relations and diplomacy, political science, modern history, public administration, European studies, media, communication and cultural studies. At the same time, the magazine is to bring current reviews of the recently published literature issued in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. The emphasis is also put on the evaluation of scientific activities, social events and a wide range of other activities which are interesting for the scientific community. The content of the presented journal has an ambition to cater for the needs of researchers, teachers, students, activists, politicians, and other qualified authors and university staff, however, it does not forget about interests of the public – the published articles can also be useful for those who are close to the above-mentioned research topics. For more information about prospective article publications can be found in the section For authors.

The publisher of Journal of Diplomatic and Social Studies is the College of International and Public Relations Prague, o. p. s. There are two issues per year (June and November). Contributions are accepted and published in Czech, Slovak and English. The contributions undergo a double anonymous peer review. 

Texts published in this journal are subject to Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.